Monday, December 2, 2019
I am in the UK. But I am a long-time fan of the US. I worked for a US company, and have visited the US 20 times.

I was despondent when Trump won in 2016 following our awful decision to leave the EU. A victory in both cases for sham nationalism, narrow-mindedness and prejudice.

I have watched since then the great office of POTUS being degraded by its occupant, and the US lose its place as the respected leader of the West. International co-operation has also degraded, as sadly demonstrated in the Covid disaster. Trump has given inspiration to Johnson, Farage and other people prepared to ride the wave of xenophobia and chauvinism.

Now there is hope. Let's be fair, Trump daily demonstrates his unfitness for office but also his desperation to retain it. There will be weeks of nastiness, dirty tricks and efforts to weaken democracy. But hope flows from the possibility of someone decent, empathetic and conscientious defeating him. 

I am 72. I may not be around in 2024. Please do whatever you can not to let this chance slip. Ignore the insults, the smears, the stupidity...stay calm, invest in democracy and see Biden in the White House. Who knows it may start the turn of the tide for the rest of us.
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Greehey, somehow I missed your post when originally posted, sorry for that. You make excellent points. I agree completely and also agree that Trump's behavior has had a worldwide effect. I don't know that much about Johnson, I heard at first they called him" Trump the  Second" but from what I see in the news he's at least better than Trump. Am I right? We really need a decent change and I hope Biden can be the start of know Harris is ready to go and should Biden win I'm sure she'd run for President in 4 years....and tough as the job is decency would be restored.
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