Monday, December 2, 2019
I read every article in the newsletter and think we have great writers. But I call your attention - and probably should have done so yesterday-hope this is not a repeat-to a very interesting yet scary article about very specific ways Trump is trying to destroy our institutions and our democracy. The writer pointed out that the NY Times article on Rosenstein is or may be a setup, also the pushing of Kavanaugh and there were several others. If you still have yesterday's newsletter you may want to check it out....I had not seen this specific pattern the writer laid out but if made perfect sense. The writer mentions that in limiting the scope of the FBI Investigation by the White House - then disputing it as worth nothing against Kavanaugh and also Trump thinks people will blame the FBI for "not doing its job" - the people who feel it is unfair...that this is all calculated. It sounds to me like it could be taken from Putin's playbook. I had to "de-Trump stress" after reading it but I am glad I did.
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