Monday, December 2, 2019
I have been waiting for this...because Berman, though appointed by Trump in his "earlier days" in office, always seemed to me to be a good person who would do the right thing and be independent in that office. Same with Christoper Wray, FBI Director who I think is next on Trump and Barr's "short list" of people to fire...but maybe not until "after the election."

And, forgive me I have forgotten the lady's title and the department but last night on Rachel Maddow we learned that this top person resigned over Trump's views and that he did a "Saturday Night Massacre" on the rest of this important department, prior functioning independently for many years - and is putting one of his "Trump is God" persons at the head. Another large department apolitical who worked to keep us safe...Trump does not want us safe at all, in my opinion.

If anyone has a link to this incident and/or the name of the woman who resigned please post it.

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