Monday, December 2, 2019
I read both the article and viewed the cartoon on Yahoo news this morning, Carrey maintains that "privileged little "s words" like Kavanaugh rely on these prep schools and big name universities to actually act as a "buffer" (my words not his) in matters of the type of Kavanaugh's accusers. Meaning they tend not to take them seriously so as to possibly damage the reputation of the college (again these are my words not his exact words)- and many - not all of course but many - are "havens" (again my words) for problems to go on such as Kavanaugh's - heavy drinking and out of control partying - causing accusers to be reluctant to come forward because the school or college would not take them seriously. Hey, Georgetown Prep and Harvard Law School - who to my knowledge has not fired Kavanaugh for his lecturing times - STEP UP TO THE PLATE - WOMEN WILL NOT BE SILENCED ANY MORE - and decent men like Jim Carrey are helping to bring this to light. In my opinion Kavanaugh belongs in an orange jumpsuit like Manafort had - along with Trump and his "enablers."
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