Monday, December 2, 2019
I hope everyone is staying in and staying safe. This pandemic is one scary monster. And - again my opinion here - to do anything less than many months of, in Dr. Fauci's words "hunkering down" still is insanity. We still do not have adequate testing, enough testing which is full proof, protective gear for first responders nor a proven vaccine or any kind of real cure. Yes, the economy will suffer but if the Governors listen to POS and reopen social distancing in May without anything mentioned here the pandemic will spread and it will be worse. Social distancing for long periods of time - without any of the mentioned specifics in place is total insanity. Total. I just hope our (Republican) Governor agrees. Trump thinks he's King and can control the Governors-already many have let him know he is not a King or a God and that the states can do what they want. We have a lockdown here and, in my opinion enough cases in my red midwestern town. Nursing homes flooded with cases....find other ways to jump start the economy or there will be nobody left to jump start it, I say!  Thoughts? Links?
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