Monday, December 2, 2019
Hello-The mass shooter in Vegas had purchased guns legally. Trump "undid" the law Obama (and others?) had in place stating that mentally ill people can not buy guns. What do you think? I think this person was obviously not of sound mind, am not for gun control (understand self defense but that's it) and...I blame Trump. Not just for relaxing this one rule about purchasing guns but for creating a climate where someone could get away with this. Violence in general has increased dramatically under his "Presidency" - or lack thereof - and I personally believe Russia is behind the scenes in almost every incident and is connected with all of the terrorist groups - which Trump is helping to fund. What do you think? As Congress just shakes their head, twiddles their thumbs and Sarah Huckabee Sanders comes out with a scowl on her face and defends every damn thing he does. So what does everyone else think?
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