Monday, December 2, 2019
I am really concerned about our election and people being able to vote by mail during the pandemic. Apparently the serving Republicans and Trump are trying to stop all mail in voting. The only reason they want it stopped is because it is more difficult to hack into (hello Russia, China, possibly others) and they feel it gives the Democrats an advantage - which it probably might cause it stops a lot of the cheating.  The Iowa  voters "turned out in massive numbers" but most by mail. We have already requested mail in ballots for both the primary and the general election here and I hope we get them. People should not have to make a choice between their health - like in Wisconsin where they banned vote in ballots for the primary and many risked their lives to vote - and may got COVID-19 - voting along Frist Responders. I hope the Democrats have a plan to make sure that this POS gets OUT of office and do something about mail in voting.
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