Monday, December 2, 2019

 Is Trump a racist? 13  votes

 Yes 11 votes
 No 0 votes
 No, but he plays one in public to appeal to his base 2 votes
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After the events of Charlottesville, most people think Trump is a racist. Do you?
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before Charlottesville, he demonstrated he is the bigges racist of all of them (people around him, GOP, Tea Party Alt R. W.S. and the others... before he was elected, he show he was very much a racist, a Nazi, a malicious & cruel man, a con man etc...
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Yes, he has demonstrated by his actions that he is a racist.
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I known it all along that Trump is racist. He spoke it in words. He acted it out on his campaign. It's not hard to spot people who are racist. 
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Trump tries to court those that are bigoted, racist, unskilled, and uneducated without loosing supporters that are not in these categories. 

He he tries to walk the thin line to keep the support of as many followers he can.  It's a show with way too much at stake for the poor, the elderly, and the working class.

Do not be fooled, he is for the elite wealthy class and no one else but himself.  I am 60 and I have never seen a more Narcissistic man than Trump.  

I know several people that have switched sides because of what he has destroyed and flipped on so many things(e.g. Social Security Disability Insurance). What did they think was going to happen?  

It is oblivious the man can't be trusted.
I can't understand why Americans can't see and understand the type of man he is.  Evil.
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He's ending DACA, now we know for sure is racist!
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Animal Lover
Trump is an American Hitler. In fact Hitler is probably a hero of Trump. All he cares about is pleasing his racist base. 
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He's not qualified!
Yes he really is,and an ignorant,misogynist ignorant bully too
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He's not qualified!
Why else did he spend so much time and effort trying to convince people that President Obama is not an American?Other than being the first black president ,why has Trump always hated Obama so much?Why would he demonize Mexicans so much,and convince his base to keep using Mexicans as a scapegoat,he s a nasty ignorant,unqualified racist bully,a disgrace to our country!
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Surya-Patricia Lane Hood
Yes he is a bigot! He has never read what is on the Statue of Liberty. His grandfather must have read when he came from Germany. Does he not remember we are all migrants except for American Indians. We are Americans. We are all one. 
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Racist and ignorant! He was sued for discrimination! He's made it okay to spew ignorance and hate speech that I hoped had disappeared. These rallies are the most infuriating and he should be wearing a sheet carrying a torch.
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Yes her is a racist. Enough said.
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Delta Flight
If Trump destroys DACA he destroys the dreams of 800,000 youth who were raised in America.

To be so cruel to people is Racist.

Trump goes down in history as the worst POTUS ever!

A LEGACY to be proud of?
Any landing you walk away from is great.
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Bob Carper here

The initials POTUS have long since stood for "President Of The United States"  I grew up in the days when POTUS meant something.  I witnessed the grief of American citizens when Franklin Delano Roosvelt died in Warm Springs.  I saw how Harry S. Truman took over our country immmediately thereafter.  I saw American presidents come and go....Eisenhower, Johnson, Kennedy, ....the long line of succession to the Presidency seemed endless.  My parents were Democrats and I became one not knowing much about politids.

Regrettably our highest office in the land was horribly besmirched as soon as Donald Trump took over.  Mistakes became lies.  The Russians have meddled in our political system.  Not even the Nazis have invaded our country, all thanks to the bumbling of Donald Trump.  He is a disgrace to the American nation.  My only question remains....why haven't we gotten rid of him sooner?

That is a question which only the American people have to solve.

Bob Carper
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