Monday, December 2, 2019
I don't think much of Bolton. He put his 2 million dollar book deal before testifying to House, but I am happy to hear this ruling. On Rachel Maddow she read excerpts from his book and apparently a writer got their hands on an "unredacted by the White House" version and gave it to the House.  In the book Trump apparently tells President Chi of China (sp on his name?) that "you've got to get me re-elected."
Now Russia's help is not enough apparently and God knows how many other dictator countries...this is far from surprising considering all the "deals" Trump has made with China. Trump's niece Mary's tell all book should drop around election time where apparently she details how Trump stole money Fred Trump left to other family members all for himself and likely more "dirt" on Trump....Go people, the more negative publicity for Trump, the better I say. Not that it will change the minds of the hard core "Magets" mind you.....but bad press on him, I'll take any day. He is awful and engaging in illegal activities every second of his horrible life.  Thoughts? Links?
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