Monday, December 2, 2019
I guess we saw this coming....Thoughts? Links?
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Well I was hoping Julian would drop out
since it really looked like he was in it
for himself and his family only since he
would always mention them everytime
he would talk. I don't mean to sound rude
like that being a latin american myself, it's
just that I would never hear other Presidential
candidates talk about their families so much
like he did. Marianne was so boring that nothing
would barely come out of her mouth at the
debates and I guess she finally realized what
a waste of time she was not doing anything
for us. I also do not appreciate Pete's husband
leaving us so much emails about himself at
times and nothing about pete which I never
see any of the potential New First Ladies or
any of the other potential first Gentlemen do
either. I don't see much of our First Gentleman to
be much in my emails (Bruce Warren). I think
thats his name.
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Agreed, Destroy_Trumpturd_Now. I personally have not received any emails from Mayor Pete or regarding him.
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I fully understand why Castro ran but he just can’t compete with the well qualified  front runners who really do want to get America back on a solid standing so we can attempt to undo as much of the damage that trump and his dumb children have caused. I still think that all trump family members should be investigated for there criminal acts. I don’t think 200 million was enough punishment for the trump family for using the money they took in under the guise of a fund raiser for disabled veterans such a slap in the face. What a sick family.
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I hear you Renee and I agree completely.
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