Monday, December 2, 2019
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I watched the speech by Senator Collins defending her "yes" vote on Kavanaugh.  I twice read the text of her speech.  Her rationale was based upon selective rather than comprehensive examination of the issue.  She ignored the mass of opinion, including the opinions of over 2,400 law professors, that Kavanaugh's behavior in the hearing demonstrated a lack of the necessary judicial temperament.  She ignored the mass of observations that Kavanaugh was in his prep school and college days frequently in a state of drunken excess, intoxicated to the point of staggering and angry interactions with others, while then attempting of obfuscate about that history during his testimony.  She ignored the complete absurdity of Kavanaugh's charge that Democrats on the Committee were acting out of "revenge" (his word) in response to Hillary Clinton's loss of the 2016 election. 
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I heard Susan Collins' speech also Ballhawk. I agree with you completely and frankly I was surprised by her. As you may also recall she went further to say that the allegations could not be proven for Dr. Ford and Debbie Ramirez-I'm not sure she mentioned them by name. Of course they could not be proved-the FBI was limited in its scope of the investigation of the White House. I lost all respect I ever had for Susan Collins (she had voted yes to the first health care bill go around) and I thought she was "one of the better ones." From that speech she might have been TRUMP. I was surprised and horrified. I had posted I heard earlier that she had lunch with Mitch McConnell earlier that day but said she made her decision the night before. I have new found respect for Lisa Murkowski, the lone Republican to show the courage to vote "no" - and didn't we all expect Manchin to vote "yes?" He might as well change parties, for my part except that we need every Democrat we can get. He ALWAYS votes for Trump. I also applaud Heidi Heitkamp and I think also Joe Donnelly-in red states who voted no. A pleasant surprise. If Manchin had voted with the Dems though it would have been 50-50 I think then Pence would have broken the tie...I think that's right.

In any case Susan Collins is just like the rest of them now in my book.
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