Monday, December 2, 2019
If you watched the Democratic debates, what are your thoughts? Links?
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I couldn't watch the whole entire debate but it seemed , to me, that the other candidates DID NOT hear and completely ignored what she said a whole bunch of times now that she WILL NOT raise taxes on the middle class, so instead of paying close attention to what she's been saying for so long now, they chose to antagonize her by saying that they haven't heard a yes or no question about that when I heard crystal clearly what she's been saying so why why why do they need a "yes or no" when she answered them implying a yes. I mean what do they want her to tell them exactly what do they want to hear?? Lol. I hope they are not telling us that they are envying her success deep down and they are trying to find a way to bring her down😐and I didn't see Bernie have the same opinion like the others of Elizabeth, he's agreeing to everything Elizabeth wants to do for us so yeah I'm smelling envy with the other candidates unfortunately and they really shouldn't do that because we are being terrorized by trump and rather fighting about who is right or wrong, they should all agree on how to save democracy from the Monster in our White House. Its disappointing that they are acting like kids and just giving trump the chance to win.
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