Monday, December 2, 2019
When we started The Trump Impeachment website in January 2017, we were sure that Trump would prove so unfit for the job of POTUS that he would be quickly removed from office. We were determined to make sure the news about Trump got out in the face of cries of "fake news" by Trump and his supporters. Trump himself didn't disappoint, making up lies about Obama, denying Russian meddling in the election, making sexist remarks, siding with white supremacists, and nearly starting a nuclear war with his reckless tweeting, to name only a few of his misdeeds.

What was wrong in our assumption is that members of the GOP would do their constitutional duty and support the removal of Trump. With the exception of a few like Corker, Flake, and McCain, the bunch of them seem so greedy and motivated by self interest they refuse to do what right for the people they represent. This culminated in the vomit-inducing Trump boot licking session that occurred after the signing of the tax bill.

So, it may seem bleak. But there is still lots of reason for hope in 2018. Here are some reasons to be hopeful that 2018 will be the downfall of Trump:

  • Mueller investigation is getting closer and closer. Something will come of this investigation, but it won't happen quickly. By many accounts, Mueller is working faster than expected. We need to be patient and let Mueller complete his investigation. We don't want him to rush it and leave any loopholes for Trump and his gang to squeeze thru. We need to make Mueller fireproof. This is something we could write to our Senators and Congresspeople about: make sure Mueller can finish his investigation.
  • Tom Steyer is on our side and he is gaining momentum. Everyone should sign the Tom Steyer petition ( they haven't already. Tom's original goal was 1 million, but he already has over 4 million signatures. Tom has organized some online protests and we should do our best to support those efforts. 
  • Democracy is on our side. The surefire way to get rid of Trump is to exercise our democratic rights and elect as many Democrats as possible in 2018. From what I have been hearing, the Democratic Party is not going to run on an impeach-Trump platform because they want to energize the Trump supporters. They don't want the 2018 elections to be about Trump, so his supporters don't show up at the ballot box. But that doesn't mean they aren't planning on impeaching him as soon as they can. Here is a summary of the strategy:

Trump may have a base of 30% support, but the other 70% is more than enough to win elections. We need to get as many anti-Trump candidates elected as possible, so that 2018 will be the year that Trump goes down.
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Thank you for is great...recommend clicking on the dailykos link too.
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This is awesome and I also thank you.  I am going to remain quite the optimist for 2018!!!!  I can feel a change coming in my bones, or is it the cold wrecking havoc with my arthritis?  You pick[smile]
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It's CHANGE COMING otmichele-not arthritis-yours or mine lol....we WILL TRIUMPH in 2018! I can feel the energy of the resistance![smile]
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