Monday, December 2, 2019
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Yes, early in the game he might conclude the candidates for Democratic nomination were not strong enough, then decide to toss his hat into the ring.  But he would then have to work his way through many months of pre-convention rituals including the primaries, press conferences, policy position development, money-raising, etc. in order to compete. Usually they start their stump speeches in Iowa. Avenetti would not be able to jump in and win the nomination based only on his prior headlines as an articulate, street-smart lawyer.  It takes time and money to compete in the primaries, then more time and money after the Conventions.  Money raising is a big part of the process, obtaining donations from groups and individuals who want certain future agendas achieved by election of the candidate. Philosophical similarities between donors and candidates are, or course, factors too. 
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Agreed on Avenetti, Ballhawk.
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