Monday, December 2, 2019
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Ritaruby, hello there I am Flyover. In my retirement I live where no politician cares to come here. I hear your reasoning to support Biden or Bloomberg, but it’s looking like Biden is not going to survive all the damage Trump has done to him by the Ukraine dirt and I believe he is not as sharp as he once was. I refer to watching him as watching water drip. As for Bloomberg I am appalled he can believe he can walk in to our Democratic race and just spend money and saturate the air waves. All voters are not as engaged as we may be and tv is their form of news. 

l am a Warren Sanders fan. Being 70 I have experienced many Presidents. After Trump I am thinking the Republican Presidents were not so bad. Of course, Trump is a Criminal Con and there is nothing presidential about him. The reason I support Sanders or Warren is I believe we need someone who will fight for the common citizen. How in the hell a family survives now days is beyond me. The cost of basic needs and education is unattainable for most youth. Suicide and drug use are off the charts. I believe it is because our youth have no hope. This has to change and it needs to change now. Old politics will not do it, and the faster our representatives start to implement progressive change the better. Maybe Sanders and Warren as president won’t get a lot accomplished but it will start the attitude of Progressive socialism in to politics. Sanders has been singing the same tune of democratic socialism for 30 years. Warren since the 80s. Compare to Biden who his first donor function said to the Rich participants,” Not much will change.” That statement made me think of good old Biden who never made waves and just went with the flow. Compare to Bloomberg who forced his beliefs on New Yorkers even when it was unpopular and not in their best interest. Bloomberg is a Plutocrat who is over estimating his importance in this race. If he wants to make a contribution then he should buy Fox News from the Murdoch’s and re-educate the Trump cult. 
This race has just began and the only known factor is Trump Will Cheat. One our side is Trumps cult makes up 27% of all US voters. Together with democrats, Independents and many Republicans we can take back America from the criminal element that is ripping our country apart. That includes the younger generation who are ecstatic about Sanders and we need every vote we can get, this country will soon be theirs. For that reason I will support Sanders and Warren in hope that our politics will change to Progressive Democratic Socialism. Without it old Crony Capitalism will continue and our young will have no hope for a better tomorrow. 


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Renee, I agree about Bloomberg's performance last night in the debates. It was poor. Sorry but I still don't agree that Bernie is the candidate of choice OR that will get the nomination, even though he is polling well thus far. I was not satisfied with his performance either. Though some ugly past truths were exposed about Bloomberg, and pardon me sorry not sorry for saying this, but I think he is possibly the most arrogant of the bunch....with the most dollars. Trump is afraid of him and Biden. If he said he is afraid of Bernie I may have missed that - because I don't think he is. I will stand by Biden until (sadly) he may struggle enough to not be on the ballot. Bloomberg is my second choice because of the money and the "fight" in him to beat Trump. Not necessarily because I like him the best. If I have to choose a third - who also will hopefully still make the ballot it would be Amy. As to getting the vote out I completely agree. I just read something-either in our newsletter or on MSN or Google, that said that there will be a high percentage of non voting stay at home voters coming out in this election due to Trump. I hope that is the case. As to your red state, mine is pretty red too and we now have more Republican "representation"-if you can call it that-than Democrat. And at least 2 Republicans in our state have been exposed or corruption yet they keep their jobs. And yes, to anyone who reads this and isn't sure - please do get out and vote Democrat. the fate of the USA depends upon it.
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All of us have skeletons some where in our past. None of us are 100% innocent, the republicans need to take a hard look at how much garbage the American people are going to take. I really do think it is going to come down to Bloomberg or Sanders. I think Sanders because he is so popular with the Hispanic, college, and a lot of the unions. He is also popular with the African American also. Can any one shed any light on the other millionaire that is running? We are starting to see his adds more here in my state. I think he doesn’t stand out because he doesn’t do well in the debates. I hope Bloomberg can do better. I also wonder if we as American people can go after trump for using his personal appearances at public sporting events. I laughed when trump complained that the press wasn’t showing his crowds, that explains why they used someone else’s picture showing a massive crowd at the Daytona when he was there. Well if any one watched or saw other pictures of this years race it was not packed the stands had many empty seats. Or when he claims to have such massive crowds that people can’t get in. All untrue, as for all his pardons he will expect to be paid. What shocked me the most is the fact that people in his office are publicly saying yes Russia is interfering in our elections. I bet his blood pressure is through the roof. I can’t Waite to see who he fires next, they will start to tell all. The military is normally republican, but a lot are coming out against trump. There has to be someway the American people can bring a class action suite against the idiot.
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Renee, I don't know that the election will come down to Sanders or personal opinion. As to the other billionaire I'm sure you mean Tom Steyer. I think he's good but I don't think he has a chance because he has become known as the "Need To Impeach" guy. He was the one running big billboard and tv ads against Trump from the time he got into office. He is quieter on the debate stage and they don't seem to call on him much. Interesting how Trump and his supporters and allies make up these inflated rally attendances. As to who he will fire next, two people just went from the NSC and I do believe that another round of firings is coming up. But now I believe he will target most firings in the National Security realm, including the FBI, CIA and those who help keep us safe. Which is really scary. He has said he does not want any more national security briefings at all! I wish there was a way the American people could bring a class action suit against him...but I'm sure there are reasons it's not being done. 
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