Monday, December 2, 2019
Jeff Flake-who spoke out about Trump-just announced his is not seeking would think this is good news which is IS if we can get a Democrat, Independent or another moderate in there....but with Bannon pushing HIS candidates and Trump pushing HIS...I'm concerned. Your thoughts?
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I say look to the Independents first, and then the Dems. There just might be some surprising contributions from the Independents that would/will otherwise be missed out on.  While I think the Dems have some good ideas there is too much of a "Get tRump" attitude that's in excess if you ask me. The independents are looking at this anew and are coming up with some good ideas.
   Either way, it's a tragedy this has to happen and that tRump and company are even anywhere near tghe WH and not out on the street. tRump has been decimated IMO by his own actions and there aren't likely any lucrative jobs left that he could leave the WH for; so he won't go willingly. Thus his Impeachment is many months late and should already be in the wrapping up stages.
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A lot depends on the Supreme Court decision on gerrymandering.  If their decision is that the currently gerrymanders districts are Unconstitutional then there are better chances for both the Democrats and the Independents.  If the Court decides that they won't give judgment on gerrymandering or that it is Constitutional then a vote for the Independents or any other third party would harm the Democrats and the popular vote.

Twayne, when Mr. Mueller agreed to be Special Counselor he made the point to the public that it would take time.  It took him five years to nail the Enron creeps.  That is why the news of him receiving Grand Jury indictments was so big because, in D.C. terms, it happened so fast.
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