Monday, December 2, 2019
Bombshell news tonight in the Rachel Maddow report on MSNBC.  Mr. Clapper served for a number of years as Director of National Intelligence and had also worked in CIA.  He is extremely knowledgeable on a multitude of intelligence matters.  Now retired.  Before his retirement in January 2017 our intelligence community had concluded that Russian definitely had attempted to influence our election in 2016 with social media plants designed and targeted to influence the election.  At that point the intelligence community did not address the question of whether there was cooperation or initiatives by the Trump campaign in joint effort.  Now, as detailed near the end of his new book published today, Mr. Clapper says there was a distinct parallelism between the timing and content of Russia-planted messages (social media) and concurrent Trump campaign content.  Positive correlation between the Russia-implanted messaging and the Trump campaign activities strongly suggest collusion.  Parallelism is not proof of collusion, but Mr. Mueller may know a lot more than we do.  I think it is entirely possible that Special Counsel Mueller has connected the dots, has proof of active collusion between Trump and the Russians.
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I certainly hope Mueller has connected the dots. I think Rosenstein is doing what he can too to appease Trump's tirades enough without giving up too much information so he is there to safeguard Mueller as long as possible.
"Where law ends tyranny begins"  John Locke
Locke defines tyranny as "the exercise of power beyond right." A just leader is bound by the laws of the legislative and works for the people, whereas a tyrant breaks the laws and acts on his own behalf

"All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men (and women) to do nothing."  Edmund Burke
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