Monday, December 2, 2019
How did this happen? Where did they get the idea that I wanted to hear from them? I have hung up on them twice on the phone then get emails (fortunately they go into my spam folder) from Don, Jr. & others asking me to "help his father..." "Dear Friend" they begin with. Not sure how they think I am a friend....perhaps because on numerous occasions I have contacted both my Senator and Congressperson who are both Republican-to voice my opinion on issues? BTW I get a very nice "politely proper" response with Trump's talking points...minus, of course the typos and the curse words. Anyone else getting these?? Makes my skin crawl!
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Oh yeah, .. I get all that same crap relating to Trump.  It goes delete or in my shredder.  They leave no stone un-turned in their desperation to keep him in power.
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