Monday, December 2, 2019
Will these people go to no lengths to kiss up to this POTUS? OMG! Releasing possible classified information to so obviously try and compromise the Mueller investigation and "protect" their POTUS and their own sleazy clique group of frankly mean uncaring people who are SUPPOSED  to be looking out for this country? So McCabe "resigned" effective TODAY (thankfully with full pension at 49 they say) and now Trump is rumored to be going after Rod Rosenstein and even Sessions..Chris Wray was seen meeting with Rod Rosenstein...Serious on this one: Does anyone else think Trump and Devin Nunes and team are trying to replace OUR FBI and DOJ with RUSSIAN HEADS OF THE USA? Does this idea sound too crazy to you? Or is Rita more "out there" than she thinks? Your thoughts please and thank you..are welcomed at any time. Thankful for people who "get it"...the seriousness of this idiocy of a White House and Republican Congress! 
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