Monday, December 2, 2019
Just heard on MSNBC on Ari Melber's The Beat that in 2016 there were ads supporting Hillary in particular - and perhaps others - not Trump-which were actually fake. These ads said people could cast their votes via texts. Someone sent this in as a tip to Rachel Maddow and they researched it/verified it. Showed pictures of people casting votes by texts. Me, I would have been a bit suspicious, but hey, look it's the social media and information age, so voting by text probably sounded legitimate to many people. THOSE VOTES DID NOT COUNT AT ALL! 

Who put up the fake ads? Trump and company? Putin/Russia? Fortunately Ari is getting the word out that in fact, no, you can not vote via text.

They are so corrupt and so dirty it is beyond comprehension. Evil to the core.
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