Monday, December 2, 2019
According to one article in our newsletter, among handling the investigations of Cohen (who Trump doesn't give a crap about), Manafort, Flynn, Stone and Trump's multiple lawsuits and I'm sure much more, Berman was investigating Trump's ties to JEFFREY EPSTEIN. We know he was at the parties and I personally believe he did some raping of under age women...and I don't believe Epstein committed suicide unless "ordered" to in some way.....but in addition to this I have another theory: Perhaps Trump (maybe given the idea by Barr who can think, evil and vile that he is-better than Trump) is now trying to "install" Attorneys and Judges in key places handling his cases so that IF HE LOSES AND HE DARN WELL BETTER- maybe he thinks they will let him off and he won't end up going to jail. Anyone else think this sounds right? Thoughts? Links?
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