Monday, December 2, 2019
OK so I read several accounts of this but it all comes down to the we see Putin again, this time was in a suit...and numerous news accounts today - 3/1 about him bragging about his own country's arms and nukes!!! They say he wants and needs to keep Trump in office...but has he gotten all he wanted from Trump and company - namely the key to our USA - so now he's going to turn on him? Or is this the key to more bribes/bargains/dirty money exchanged for even more (how much more can there be?) favors to Russia!? The latter is my guess and OMG as I have thought all along...of course Trump's made enemies of both friendly allies and enemy dictators....but to me North Korea is not the greatest threat-the greatest threat to me is Trump himself "in cahoots" with Putin...can't tell me there was and is no collusion...SO obvious!
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