Monday, December 2, 2019
Did anyone else see this special this past Friday night with Richard Engel on assignment? It has to do with a firm, I believe the name is Black Cube, which was originally set up for basic legitimate work but then Trump, Cohen and Weinstein got a hold of it and paid this firm, I believe he said listed as a terrorist organization - tons of money to threaten clients so they would not come out with their stories to the public and the press, also targeted 2 people in the Obama administration not too high up even and their families-and was paid I believe he said by Israel - and possibly Iran - then immediately Trump scrapped the Iran deal. I think I have all of this information right. He was right there, again in the face of danger, talking with  unnamed sources. Fascinating and interesting to watch - and sadly most of the public doesn't seem to understand the dire straights our democracy is in, hence Trump's rise in approval rating...this was interesting but chilling to watch - before bedtime. If anyone has further or corrected information/your thoughts, please post. Thank you.
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