Monday, December 2, 2019
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I think lawyers (famous or not ) can do a pro bono just for a good of their heart and a good  action to help someone But  the ones you are talking about that are not  not so good or little experience lawyers are the Public Defenders.  Tthey don't get good paid and some  had little experience or are not good lawyers. 
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I believe this is so, cpmty. See droberts ' message about this.
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droberts wrote:

I believe pro bono lawyers have made agreements with their clients to represent them without payment. Many well known attorneys too will do this for people who can't afford attorneys or the attorneys may be very interested in taking their cases because of their circumstances. Seems the American Bar Association encourages attorneys to provide some pro bono work every year.

You might be thinking of Public Defenders who are appointed by the courts to a defendent who can't financially afford an attorney without hardship. These attorneys are usually overworked and underpaid.

Oh I really thought both Probono Lawyers and Public Defenders were the same thing being able to provide free service for people that can't afford a Lawyer☺I really didnt know the difference, thank you for telling me.
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