Monday, December 2, 2019
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Good Evening RitaRuby, DeltaFlight, Donna, Ellen McLaughlin, and EVERYBODY ELSE that rose to RitaRuby's defense in yet another incident where the rules of courtesy and respect were noy followed.....instead, one member callously ran his mouth off in this Forum where the cardinal examples of courtesy and respect were not followed.

Fortunately, there were not the cases where a lack of respect was not followed.  I do hope, however, that Twayne gets prohibited from doing any more malicious posting on this Forum and takes his baggage elsewhere.   My sincerest respect for RitaRuby in this matter and hope we can once again emerge dedicated to the main tasks at do whatever we can to get Trumpturd removed from office and get him impeached, put in jail, and most of all, to keep this Forum as clean as our editor would like it to be

Very sincerely

Bob Carper
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Delta Flight wrote:
To Bob and Donna.

I support the principle of free speech that this forum stands for. I felt that I needed to post a reply to Twayne. We do not attack members here period.
I will defend any member here if needed.

If I was wrong then correct me??

Don't feel you were wrong at all, actually, it's much appreciated.
"Where law ends tyranny begins"  John Locke
Locke defines tyranny as "the exercise of power beyond right." A just leader is bound by the laws of the legislative and works for the people, whereas a tyrant breaks the laws and acts on his own behalf

"All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men (and women) to do nothing."  Edmund Burke
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Delta Flight I know your message is to Bob and Donna but I have to say thanks again for defending me against the verbal attack. It was of course not wrong and I do believe you can and should defend any member on this forum from hateful posts. There is, as we all know a big difference between not agreeing/having a difference of opinion and speaking your mind on this forum but the key as noted is respect. And thank you all again. We are here to support each other against the evil that is Trump and cohorts and try and save our we need to always be united-in my opinion-even if we don't agree or even understand another member. I would willingly do the same for anyone on this forum as you all have done for me...we have a unity in our cause and mission here.
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Thanks again Bob.
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Delta Flight
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Any landing you walk away from is great.
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I heard about this Delta Flight and clicked on this link...scary.
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