Monday, December 2, 2019
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droberts wrote:
I think we have to be careful of reading between the lines and jumping to conclusions that aren't even addressed in the reports that are released. The Senate Intelligence Committee upheld the legitimacy of the work and findings of all the Intel agencies that worked on investigating Russian interference in our election and found no reason to dispute it. They have agreed that Putin/Russia actively sought to undermine our election and favored Trump, which is big and kind of gives the House Republicans a blackeye. But the Senate in no way that I comprehended in any articles or news programs stated anything about a conclusion of collusion between Russia and Trump/campaign. That is something still undecided by the Senate and Mueller is still investigating. I think if the Senate decided on that one way or the other would undermine Mueller's investigation, which unlike the House, the Senate Intelligence Committee is probably unwilling to do. It was inappropriate for the House to, but look at who was running that joke show, Nunnes (Trump's stool pigeon).

We may all know in our heart of hearts that Trump is a conspirator and traitor, but we can't state it as fact. I want this disastrous administration hung from the highest gallo make no mistake, but I want accurate information too.

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"Where law ends tyranny begins"  John Locke
Locke defines tyranny as "the exercise of power beyond right." A just leader is bound by the laws of the legislative and works for the people, whereas a tyrant breaks the laws and acts on his own behalf

"All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men (and women) to do nothing."  Edmund Burke
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Point well taken, droberts and thanks for the link again here.
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