Monday, December 2, 2019
Though Congress was not (yet) given access to Trump's financials and likely won't be before the election, the Manhattan DA was - from his accounting firm, Mazars and his buusinesses. (I think I got that right!) Gorsuch and Kavanaugh were amount those voting for now - and future generations-that THE PRESIDENT IS NOT ABOVE THE LAW! Ooh...poor Bill Barr..."your" President LOST BIG TODAY AND HE IS NOT THE KING YOU MAKE HIM OUT TO BE....I just hope that the House gets some info. and from what I understand the Judge who gets these - or more than one - are NOT Trump's "toadies"...they will be investigating criminal action. They sent Michael Cohen back to prison for eating out with his family.....let them put Trump and his family and cronies in for the rest of their lives. We won another one today, people. Trump can't fire the Supreme Court Justices...Thoughts? Links?We the people may not see his financials for a long time...but they COULD  "get" him on one percent of what he's done. Before being President and during!
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