Monday, December 2, 2019
This jury has my sympathy...they have like 18 or 19 counts and tons of paperwork to go through on Manafort since there are so many charges against the same token his Bookkeeper and Accountant both testified that he lied and cheated and asked them to do so with blind can you be? To me, if someone has 18 or 19 counts against them and the prosecutors tell you...and their own financial people tell you he lied...well, HE LIED - just send him away for life. But of course they could never choose any of us as a juror! The questions submitted to the judge by the jury sounded intelligent-especially for a jury who one assumes does not consume daily news....but I am nervous. I am concerned they will let him off...and he also needs to be convicted to solidify Mueller's standing I think. Thoughts? Links?
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