Monday, December 2, 2019

What would our founding fathers want us to do about this president?

Those patriots in Philadelphia made it the commander in chief's most important responsibility to protect our country. Yet the Justice Department indicted 13 Russians for sabotaging our elections. And President Trump has done nothing. Now, the head of the FBI says we are still vulnerable to future attacks.

What is Donald Trump hiding? What is in President Trump's business interests that he's so determined to hide?

President Trump has failed in his most important responsibility -- to protect the American people. So the only question left is, why is he still our president?

It's time for us to get some answers. Please watch and share our new ad, and send a message to Congress that we must impeach this dangerous president.


"Where law ends tyranny begins"  John Locke
Locke defines tyranny as "the exercise of power beyond right." A just leader is bound by the laws of the legislative and works for the people, whereas a tyrant breaks the laws and acts on his own behalf

"All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men (and women) to do nothing."  Edmund Burke
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Delta Flight
A simple answer, Russian money !
Any landing you walk away from is great.
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Agreed Delta Flight, it's Russian money laundering and/or debt that he is hiding....droberts, thanks for the link-I have used it and will continue to contact "them."
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