Monday, December 2, 2019
More Articles of Impeachment against trump are surfacing:
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I pray that this is true! I think all of the republicans who voted against impeachment should have at the very least sanctioned him. Now people who did nothing wrong are out of a job for being good Americans. I pray to God that the Democratic’s will be able to get control of the House and Senate, then if the dumbbell gets re-elected the Democratic’s can at least try to stop him for doing more damage. It will take years to undo the damage. All these supporters in the Republican Party are going to at one point or another are going to have to go back to their home states and explain why the didn’t do there sworn duty to be impartial. If the senators who voted to impeach the boob should get a grate thank you from the American people for being honest. The senators who voted against the impeachment should be recalled by there states and new people put in their place who will be honest. While not a fan of Romney I stand up to any one who condemns this man or his family and as a whole the entire Republican Party should be deeply ashamed of them selves. I firmly believe that the Democratic’s need to vote straight party line to get rid of the corrupt republicans.
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Well hopefully if the House impeaches him again
he won't be acquitted again.
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