Monday, December 2, 2019
When I heard the above on Ari Melber yesterday I could not believe it! She is like Hannity and also has a law degree - I believe that a lot going on now, even with the Inspector General indicate Trump is looking for "justifiable cause" to get rid of Rod Rosenstein and put someone in his place who will not only fire Mueller and team but will work to dismantle the FBI and the DOJ. I have to say also that Jeff Sessions, with all of his kissing up to Trump and his horrid actions on deportation and immigration is NOT buying any favor with Trump nor will he, I believe eventually be able to keep his job as Trump is so upset he recused himself. Trump expects loyalty but his only loyalty is to himself. Can he get away with this. people?  Does anyone have a link to it/know more about it. Heard on MSNBC.
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