Monday, December 2, 2019
OMG here he goes again...apparently over the weekend Trump has been tweeting his heartless excuse for a human heart out saying that "tomorrow-(so Monday 5/21) he will DEMAND that the FBI and the DOJ launch an "investigation" into the "planting of a mole during his campaign for spy purposes to hurt his campaign" - You may have heard the real story...and INFORMANT not A MOLE OR A SPY was planted because the FBI/DOJ received information that, in particular I believe it was Carter Page and Mike Flynn could have been/were being "compromised" and were "bribable" to favors from foreign governments.
AND LINDSEY GRAHAM IS GOING ALONG WITH THIS BULL CRAP - SAYING "If the FBI/DOJ put a plant or a mole in the campaign to hurt Donald Trump this should be investigated!" Another attempt to fire Rod Rosenstein "with a (phony) reason?" Your thoughts. 
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