Monday, December 2, 2019
Did any of you torture yourself as I did and view Trump's televised speech on Saturday 1/19? If so, you most likely saw him speak like a semi human and pretty much stay on script....but did you catch the dollar amounts he needs for the wall and how he "spaced them out?" He did not come out and say "I want 5/7 billion dollars for the wall - he gave I believe it was 3 different sets of large dollar amounts...and I am bad at math but I think they amounted to the 5.7 billion. If I am wrong, please feel free to correct me here. If you weren't , well, you all - people with a brain, soul and heart....and you were a rapid Trump supporter you would have loved the speech.....and if affected by the shutdown would think he had the answer to it....Thoughts? Comments? Links? Cartoons?
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