Monday, December 2, 2019
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As I think we all know, there are 435 seat in the House, meaning it takes at least a simple majority of 218 votes to pass a bill.   (If I am wrong on this, please correct me.)  So If the Dems win a majority in November, that being potentially 218 votes or more, it would theoretically be possible to pass a bill of impeachment the next time the House is in session following the election.  So it remains to be seen what new damaging information on Trump will accrue between now and the first time the House convenes after the election.  The Mueller findings might be revealed at some point along the way, probably after the election.  In addition, there is a chance Trump's behavior between now and then will become more crazy, perhaps even unlawful.  Another question is the following:  Even without the Mueller findings and even without further bizarre acts by Trump, would a new sitting House with a Dem majority still think they had enough evidence for a bill of impeachment based only on what we have seen so far?  Or maybe the Dem majority would first form a committee to address the situation and then hold hearings (like during Watergate), perhaps aided by issuing  some subpoenas to gather evidence in addition to oral testimony from a hearing.  Anybody have thoughts or additional information on how this process might play out?
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Ballhawk, an interesting post and questions you pose. I have no further information on any of it, but suffice it to say that in my opinion if the Dems take over the majority of the House and/or the Senate they will MAKE SURE - by possibly more than even in one single way - that there will be checks and balances on Trump - and squeezes on him for all of his crimes - as well as Kavanaugh if he is confirmed - to quote "Fire and Fury" and Idiot himself "Such as the world has never seen." I mentioned I read recently where the Dems filed a criminal lawsuit/investigation into Kavanaugh for his multiple serious issues. They don't play - and won't play. Trump will be toast with a Dem majority and my prediction is that if that happens he won't make it anywhere near to 2020/2021 for the next Presidential election. From what I saw alone at Kavanaugh's hearing the Dems are brilliant and some are former Prosecutors themselves (like Kamala Harris for instance) - and I believe that they are now fighting as hard as they can for democracy even while in the majority and they WON'T STAND for anything awful Trump does. As Ballhawk asks, anyone else have any thoughts on this?
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