Monday, December 2, 2019

My Granddaughter posted a graphic today about how trump signed an executive order allowing our veterans to get 100% medical bills paid at hospitals other than a V.A. hospital. I was not the first to respond that this was not totally true, that he only he signed a continuation of an order that President Obama’s put into place years ago. Shortly after my daughter posted:  "The bullshit over Obama and Trump is absolutely ridiculous! My daughter posted something and was right away told what she shared was wrong! This is why I don't share a damn political post to Facebook or any social media! The citizens of this country need to remember this one thing...whether you like or hate our PRESIDENT he is just that! THE PRESIDENT! Get over the petty my good guy did this and your bad guy didn't! These kids now a days have not a clue what to believe or disbelieve because of the disrespectful bullshit that goes on! I am not a big go-getter for politics but one thing I was taught by my GRANDMOTHER was RESPECT! He is the highest position in this country and he should be respected by everyone. Like him or not! All people have done is teach the next generation that it's ok to disrespect whoever whenever!"

The lady who responded first immediately thought she was talking about her, but from the wording (my GRANDMOTHER) I know she was talking to me. So far, I have avoided responding on FB. I'm going to respond here just to get it off my chest...

My biggest problem with politics on Facebook today is that people will post things, knowing they aren't telling the truth and posting it anyway, knowing others will repost and repost, just because it sounds good and “it’s on Facebook, so it’s got to be true”.

I don't think many of you realize, that outside the US, trump is mostly seen as a clown... long before he ran for president, and most of us thought it was some sort of joke, or publicity stunt when we heard he was running for president.  Oh sure, there is a small percentage who think he's great, but only because he’s not a politician. 

He has been a public figure for decades. There are hours of video recordings of interviews, and his conduct has been the subject of the news, books, and numerous court cases. Comparing his current behavior and way of speaking to what he exhibited in any video from ten or twenty years ago, the changes are obvious. He no longer speaks in complete sentences, his vocabulary is restricted, (often incoherent), insisting on strong words and he is nearly always repetitive - repeating or prolonging actions, thoughts or comments, after the stimulus that prompted them has ceased, but also because it is what his core supporters like. Words are powerful tools. He uses a select group of well-chosen words to explain what he thinks is wrong with America and to connect with his supporters. His words are selected to diminish the listener's trust in our government, the media, and politicians he doesn’t like. These few strong words or expressions are what his supporters remember. That he has repeatedly been sued for breach of contract for refusing to honor the terms of his contracts and has driven a number of companies that did business with him into bankruptcy no longer means anything to those who support him.

The real issue (for me) with Trump, is that as a person, he is a disgrace - a total, egotistical racist, a bigoted and misogynistic person who knows so little about so much, that he has sullied, insulted and brought shame to the Office of the President of the United States. He has a long history of being a crude, unfaithful, pig. He has no morals, none. He is a consummate liar, pits his supporters against everyone else, all to his benefit, and worse, he boasts about it all. He has unleashed hatred and fear and brought a divisiveness to our nation not known since the Civil War.

The way things are going, the far right evangelical christians who support him will consider this crazy, unhinged, drama-queen to be spouting the very word of God himself, and then make it into a holy text. Their savior is now a half-senile, womanizing, racist orange moron with a serious inferiority complex and raging persecution complex. The longer the American people accept his behavior, the sooner it will be considered “the norm”. Imagine what you have to look forward to in a decade or two. He has some intelligence, in the manner of being cunning and slippery like an eel, but he is also plagued by some serious personality disorders. You don’t need to be a psychoanalyst to see that. His supporters on average don’t give a shit about what he’s doing. They believe what he tells them, mainly because he repeats it so often, and their brain is doing extra shifts ignoring anything that doesn’t fit his current story. His comments about groping women, his encouragement of violence against protesters at his campaign rallies, and his defense of white nationalists in Charlottesville?  Well, you know, he didn’t mean that the way it sounded. Ummm, yes he did.

That is the shame that is 45, and as long as he’s in office we face a future where the name and reputation of our country will be defiled, the citizenry tore apart, and the entire country laughed at.  My mother taught me and my siblings and our children to give respect, but she also taught me (and I thought my children) that respect is earned.  I'm sorry, but I have no respect for a man who serially cheats on his wives, feels he has every right to grab a woman wherever and whenever he wants, lies pathologically, and his biggest "success" since being given the presidency is to tear the country apart and take huge strides to take away all the protections to our earth, health and economy. And I have no respect for someone who takes every opportunity to take credit for something someone else did.

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