Monday, December 2, 2019
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Impeachment is not possible as long as the Repugs hold on to the House and Senate! We must remove them from those jobs, and hopefully send the putrid, greedy GOP to oblivion!  WE can do it!  All we need is YOUR vote come November and 2020 to oust all REpugs and the GOP from office.

Ritaruby wrote:
Ling Yai and Ellen M: Yes, that would be super fun to start a gofundme page for "Death of the Party"....and trust me, my humor "goes there" also..I will always say on this forum that none of us can control what anyone thinks in their own mind about Trump and "his people" - but ....perhaps we can start a "go fund me" towards impeachment? Is there one for that? Do you both know how to start one? R Impeachemnt...kind of the same as "death of the party" without the word death...and yes, I know you were kidding. Ellen, I just love that quote!
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Glad you liked the GoFundMe Twayne. Now stop being rude. Everyone else, your thoughts on the GoFundMe for "Death of the Party?"
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