Monday, December 2, 2019
Right now Biden is set to win. I have doubts that he is the right man, and disappointment the Democrats had four years and didn't find better. But he is decent, modest and seems to be prepared to listen. Most of all he isn't Trump.

But what worries me is not what is happening in the White House, but elsewhere. Trump is so buried in his ego he still doesn't realise his problem is not marketing; it's the product itself.. however we need to remember Putin is watching.

Over the last five years he must have been overcome with joy as to how his foreign policy is working. Weaken the west, spread chaos and disunity. Brexit, the weakening of  NATO and the EU-US partnership; they are all great prizes for him.

But what he faces now is how to sustain it. It's all very well to get an idiot elected. But getting him re-elected might be much tougher. Not least because he has paraded his stupidity for three years. It is beyond dispute. And this time, US agencies ( not doubt despite interference from Trump) will be better prepared for the interference which made so much difference last time.

So how does Putin recover Trump's position? I have a prediction.

Sometime in the next two months, an international event which draws in the US. Maybe one where US citizens appear to be in danger. Threatened by terrorists perhaps. And there will be a daring US response which recovers people, pride and gives the bad guy a black eye. Then there will be much footage of the Orange Imbecile in front of the flag, getting into and out of presidential aircraft, all the rest. He might even give up a game of golf to "take command".

There will be much talk of how Biden could not have done this. Indeed if they do it well, they will create a back story that somehow this situation can be traced back to negligence by Obama.

It's his last shot. To be pictured as the Commander-in-Chief and sending the message that voting against the President is an un-american act.

I hope I'm wrong. Of course, given Trump's ineptitude, the US response may be a mess.
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Greenhey, welcome back to the forum. Appreciate your interesting post and your prediction. I agree, the Republicans may try to create the narrative you describe. I still have hope. I think they ONLY way Trump/Pence can win now is by out right cheating - even more than in 2016. I am hoping the Democrats have a plan to counter. "For every move, there's a counter move..." not sure of the author of that. I need to believe we will win up until and at the election....if only to stay sane in addition to wanting Trump out of office.
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