Monday, December 2, 2019
This photo is from the New York Times, showing Don Jr supposedly hard at work. It doesn't seem quite right.

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 Ha ha  ha the son as the father ... he doesnt' want to see his family but everyone else. Hmm??
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LMBO....yep I agree with cpmty. You would think the photo would be facing him. ?? Well Normal People would. 
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Ha! Poor kids are props in the Trump family. When the family was marched in as Donald signed his first executive orders Ivanka was holding her daughter and after a minute her smile faded into a look screaming ugh "someone get this thing!" 
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Delta Flight
Is that a bobble head on the desk ? Looks like Trump
Any landing you walk away from is great.
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The most glaring thing wrong is he's not wearing handcuffs
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I agree with Cheezyproof. Does he even know what work is?
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