Monday, December 2, 2019
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I think there is one way McConnell's influence could be reduced, which would entail the Democrats gaining control (a majority) in the Senate in the upcoming mid-terms or gaining control in the 2020 elections.  I believe that the majority party in the Senate gets to name the Majority Leader of the Senate, so Democratic control would mean a replacement of McConnell as I understand it. Whether he wins re-election in Kentucky in 2020 is a separate matter. I think McConnell is colluding with Trump to ramrod right wing positions that are very controversial including the Kavanaugh nomination.  We are today seeing articles saying the FBI report was tightly controlled by the White House, is being kept secret from the public, and was a "whitewash" of Kavanaugh, a sham. I think Democrats in the Senate should demand that FBI Director Christopher Wray appear before them, testify under oath, and be presented with hard questions as to the degree and intent of White House control of the investigation.  He should be asked why so many people who wanted to give information about Kavanaugh were rebuffed by the FBI and never interviewed. 
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Thanks again for the information, Ballhawk. I thought that what you mention here is a way McConnell can get out. 
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