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On Whose Grounds?
I think I need to clarify again, for several things this time.
1. The @moderators was simply to call attention from the moderators watching over this forum, it was not meant to indicate that I felt attacked by anyone other than the person whose message I quoted. Like I said, I also moderate forums, and on those forums, that is how the @ works, sorry for the confusion.
2. The person whose message I quoted (Edited: this is my opinion, he might not have meant to imply what I read, it's just how I read it) implied that I was ignorant, maybe even gullible in that I believed in one, possibly biased and unreliable source.
3. I never claimed to support, advocate, or defend President Trump, I simply believe that, because of his position, there is a certain level of respect due, whether or not agree, I cannot force you to.
4. I understand that the title of my thread seems controversial to the website. While I do not want to impeach the President, I also do not wish to impede upon your rights. As I stated, I came looking for information, so that I may formulate my own opinion based upon further research into matters that your members brought forth. (To which I thank you again, there is a lot of material to cover there)
5. Lastly, sort of a double tap, I never meant for the comparison of President Trump and President Lincoln, I simply enjoy the idea that with enough resources (especially the ones we have today) and dedication, the average American can become president. I like the idea that if any of us tries hard enough, we can help keep America, America.
I thank you for your time, and your replies.
~I need a better signature~
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On Whose Grounds?
Goodbye_orange_guy wrote:
So, Mr. Titan, just why do you make excuses for this sorry human being, devoid of conscience, moral integrity and basic intellectual faculties?  Or is this all this new to you, since you only watch Fox News? Curious.

@Moderators, I too moderate multiple forums, and although I am new, I come seeking a basis to search for information, which is no reason for such an attack. It is to my knowledge that ad hominem attacks, especially ones like these are not permitted here. I did not, do not, and will not incite violence or disruptive behavior. 
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On Whose Grounds?
I thank you all for replying, I have been able to gauge your personality types based off of the responses. I would like to point out that my mentioning of one of our Greatest Presidents (its not fair to pick a favorite) was not to compare him to our current President, rather, the point was to encourage the idea that the Average American Joe could be president. I would rather have a normal citizen in office than a business man, or a person who makes their business politics. My question, what has President Trump done( and I reinforce again, that he is our President, and while you may not respect the man at all, you should at least respect his title) was to gather input, research points, basically. So that I may come up with my own opinions. So I again thank you for your replies.
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On Whose Grounds?
"A house divided against itself cannot stand". Y'know who said that? Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States of America. In fact, Lincoln wasn't even President when he spoke the speech that birthed this quote. He started out as an American. He studied and practiced law, and largely taught himself. He was, before he was elected into the Illinois House of Representative, was your average American Joe. He returned to practice law after serving only one term as a statesman. He re-entered politics, and 6 years later, he was elected President. I like Lincoln's story. It shows that anyone, given the resources and the passion, can become a prominent political advocate, and even President. My point is, it doesn't matter if the person is Rich, black, female, Hispanic, orange with fake hair, with the resources we have today, anyone can become a competent political advocate. 
My question is, specifically, what has President Trump (I would like to point out that he is still the President, and the title deserves respect, regardless of who holds it) what has he done that is Impeachable, or makes him worthy of being impeached?
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